Beta is a demonstration of the evolution process in its purest form, but in an entertaining game format. All the principles that Darwin did not disclose could be clearly presented to the developers of this game. The plot remains simple enough. Only the user who has lived enough time to become something different can transform himself into a more perfect and strong being. For this gamer will have to work hard not only elbows, but also the brains.

Gameplay Beta

Beta Mope.ioPresented to your attention Beta was introduced not so long ago. The rules can be expressed in three words: drink, eat and run! The main principles that lead to victory, so that they must follow. Initially, the user is required to choose a nickname for himself and enter it into a specially designed string, after which he will be given a small animal that visually resembles a sphere with huge eyes.

Do not pay attention to the cute appearance of the inhabitants of the forest. Each pink pig, a smart mouse, jerboa and other beasts are ready to strike a blow to win the fight and get an additional number of points that will bring them closer to a common triumph. The user must be on the check. Eating berries, you always need to remember about enemies who are ready to destroy you at any convenient moment. In addition, they can be larger, faster and more powerful.

An unknown creature in Beta game can only drink, eat and run fast. It can not do in the dense forest more often without your help. The baby should be directed to shrubs, which grow berries. Before you give him water to drink, you need to make sure that the pond is clean, and the water in it is useful for the character.

Avoid enemies so as not to get into trouble. No matter how much effort you put, the ward will not be able to master the techniques of karate, but he will no doubt surprise you. After a while with proper care, the animal will become a real predator.


Beta FeaturesEaten berries turn into points of experience Beta, and soaking up the liquid prevents the process of dehydration, which can cause the death of the animal. Only regular receipt of food will move the creature up the food chain. When the gamer will be at the top after a while, the gameplay will become even more interesting, because among the opponents there will be strong beasts that will become worthy rivals.

They, too, will pass a huge number of tests to enjoy their triumph, so for primacy you will have to fight. If the first attacks were rather ridiculous, then now you will be bringing terror to your competitors, to frighten them with your might.

The main thing is not to forget the rules, then you can keep all other predators in fear. To effectively get rid of competitors, do not forget to change periodically acting characters.