Beta game

Pay attention to Beta game, which obliges you to take control of animals and try to get to the top of the evolution, if not be eaten by your competitors. Maybe you tried it, maybe not, but we want to offer the best that you could imagine. We suggest going to this competition, armed with a full screen. It's not a joke, now it's independent of what kind of monitor you have, very small, or too big, just use the new function and start playing.

What is special about this? In Beta game you can easily see the full battlefield at once, and therefore will respond to the danger and choose the right time for the attack. It does not seem so fabulous, when you start to play in person, but if you figure it out, you will definitely get the upper hand.

In addition, this opportunity is a small advantage that will allow you to achieve success, most importantly, in time to respond to the changing situation. Yes, and the gameplay skills such a process does not exclude, because you need to be as careful as possible. Use and achieve success!