We invite you to pay attention to classic, which suggests crouching in the next confrontation. Do not worry, the project is not as cruel and unpredictable as it seems at first glance. This time you will become a simple animal and go on an interesting journey of evolutionary growth.

It will be necessary to procure food, grow and continue to develop to become a dragon as a result. Surely you have already met with similar competitions, but do not rush to conclusions, as now it is necessary to take into account some features related to the belonging of the individual.

During the development of classic, both herbivorous and predatory creatures will be discovered. Violate the natural laws will not work, so eat your rivals can not always, sometimes you will have to be distracted by the food that is located on the location. Do not be surprised, all this is done only for a change and increase in excitement.

The adventure of Old is designed exclusively in the browser, so sometimes it is inconvenient. But we solved this problem by cheats, since now everyone can simply play on a computer or a mobile device and enjoy the available means of obtaining pleasure. Is not it excellent? Then do not waste time!