Play Beta

Beta is a new and rather interesting development that allows you to play and compete with other players without any problems. This time you have to take on the role of a normal animal, which is necessary to develop, improve and try to destroy other individuals.

All this just seems like an easy process, but do not forget that the product offers an exciting pastime, eager for constant action. We need to search for food, dodge competitors and just achieve a good result. But you'll have to sweat pretty much, since your main competitors are other users, and this one usually proves that it's better to train first and then against such rivals.

In Beta game, you immediately become a participant in the events. It is necessary to learn the basic values ​​and conditions at the start. And here it is necessary to eat and grow, it is understandable, but now this format is slightly complicated by the introduction of varieties. With each new rank, all animals get the status of predator, or herbivore, so plan your steps in advance and do not rush at all in a row, as this is fraught with consequences.

It remains only to calculate and make the right decisions. A simple guest will be difficult to win here, since it is desirable to be a gambling, purposeful and simply reckless gamer. We believe that you will succeed, but we recommend that you be as cautious as possible.